Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Well...in the absence of blogs...there were activities.

Even though many, mainly my mother, can laugh that I set myself up for failure by planning a blog per day, I can say, that I did not fail in spending quality action packed time with my lovely daughter.  Life got away from me this summer.  Which means, it has been a good summer.

Here are some pics of what Lulu and I have done together. 

We went to the mall with our purses....

We played with Mrs. Potato Head

We painted our toes, however, ONE of us squirmed more than the other...

We went to the lake...

Where we played in the sand...

...and swam with cousins

Lucy had coffee with Grammy

and played ball in her chair....

She has taken several walks with her best friend, Darren

Played with her bubble mower and bowling pins

Swam with Aunt Mandy

Had ice cream with her best dog

And we even saw elephants at the zoo. 
We only have until August 12th before Mommy goes back to work.

I'll try to fit a blog in before that  ;-)


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