Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My favorite photo of the summer

Well, summer is officially over for me, since I have started back in my classroom. Lucy grew up so much this summer, and although I didn't post as much as I would have liked, my heart was so full of everything I wanted to say.

I feel like with each school year, comes a year of renewal of goals. The new school year is like my New Years. It is my chance to handle everything with grace and do the best I can do.

I feel like since my summer is over, and with Labor Day weekend upon us, I should post an "end of the summer" picture.

I chose one to honor Gabriel, who has been on my mind these days.

When I was pregnant with Gabriel, my sister bought me a bunch of blue elephant stuff, and she gave it to me when I found out I was pregnant with Lucy. She didn't know how to give it to me back then, as we didn't know if Gabriel was going to be full term or not. Anyway, since a lot of it was blue, I never got it out for Lucy.

One day, Lucy and I were playing with stuffed animals and in the pile was the blue elephant that was for Gabriel. Instantaneously, Lucy gravitated towards it. She had a pink "lovie" named Ellie Nellie, but Ellie seemed insignificant at that moment....and apparently, Ellie is only good enough for bedtime. For every other occasion, she wants the blue elephant, who we all have named "Gus." We wanted to keep a G name, and its easy for her to say. She doesn't want to go anywhere without Gus. She asks for Gus constantly...especially when she gets hurt or needs comfort. Gus is her best friend...besides Mommy of course.

Josh and I like to think that she senses something. Gus keeps her safe...just like her big brother. After all, Gus was meant for Gabe.

It just warms my heart, that's all...an I think its the perfect picture to end the summer season of blogs.

Lucy with Gus.