Sunday, June 24, 2012

Activities: Day Two and Day Three!

Unfortunately, due to lack of batteries, I don't have any morning shots! 

However, our AM Activity was another walk at the park with our friend Denise.  We love walking so much that you may see a repeat of that activity!

Lunch: Applesauce and Spinach Ravioli.  She looks so serious, doesn't she?

After her nap, my Lulu tends to wake up a little cranky.  So Mommy has a snack ready to go, and she is allowed to watch one episode of Little Einsteins. 

Our PM Activity today (Day Two) was puzzle-mania.  We invited Patty and Darren over again to partake.  Lucy actually did very well on her puzzles, she understood that the pieces had to go somewhere (besides her mouth, that is!)


Morning Breakfast: Mommy made Chocolate Chip Muffins! Yum!
AM ACTIVITY: Walk with Patty and Darren around our own neighborhood.

She was very good the entire time.  Talked up a storm.

Lunch Day Three: Cheesy Cauliflower and Peaches.  She ate the whole plate.  So hungry!

Snack: Grapes and Turkey
PM ACTIVITY: Finger painting!

We bought her an art smock and she was excited.

She loved the feel of the paint between her fingers.

We did four paintings total.  She loved smacking her hands on the paper, and she would ask for the colors by pointing.  I swear she tried to say the word "yellow" when I asked her if that was the color she wanted.

After, because she was so messy and it was so hot out, we hosed off outside and had some pool time!

What a great Friday.  We will see you all back with an update on Monday!

Love, Meg and Lucy

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