Friday, June 14, 2013

Lulu's Last day of School!

I wrapped up school on Wednesday of this week, and then Lucy finishes today.  We decided to keep her in school (educational daycare) until today so that she can bring in party stuff and say a proper goodbye to her teachers and friends.

She brought in cupcakes, which are her favorite treats at the moment, and a nice Mickey Mouse card for her teachers. 

I love her daycare.  I love it a teeeeeeny bit less than I did at the beginning of the year, because of a few staff switches and Lucy's favorite teachers put in their notices.  That was hard for me both as a teacher and a parent, and it made me wonder if my parents (of my high schoolers, that is) feel the same.  What if I left?  Would the parents be just as heartbroken? 

When Ms. J and Ms. S left Lulu's daycare, I was devastated.  Lucy talked about them, loved on them, and learned so much from them.  When I found out that Ms. H was taking over, and she was about the age of my graduating seniors, I was upset.  I wanted experienced "mommy" teachers with my girl all day. 

That made me think, do parents care what teachers their children have, even as high schoolers?  I love my academy, and as of right now, wouldn't dream of leaving, but if I did want to make a professional change, I know that I would be passed up on interviews due to my experience.  Right now, the trend in education is "hire the cheapest" educator possible.  More experience means more expensive, and although the young pups coming out of college may seem like a great choice because they are eager and cheaper,  I feel like schools are going to suffer because of that decision to disregard experience.  I am a better teacher for the years I had to sub, because I had to learn a multitude of different classroom management styles and build the self-confidence to run my own classroom.  That was achieved by subbing for 2 years.  I think that should be mandatory upon leaving college.

But back to my main point, I like Ms. H just fine...but boy, she isn't nearly as "good" to my Lulu as Ms. J and Ms. S.  I hope by next year, I see a change, or Lulu and I will be switching facilities.  That will always be the price Lucy pays for having an educator as a mother.....she will never have to settle for anything less than what I believe she should be provided.  

As far as today goes, Josh took the day off and we will be house hunting, since we may be expanding our family in the near future, so it is time to get the ball rolling.  I will also start meal planning and activity planning for Lucy's summer off with me.  I am on the search for toddler activity blogs!!

Have a great weekend, everyone.  As I have noticed in a lot of my posts, my tone has been changing...I used to be pretty good at interjecting personality (my humor and sarcastic self, haha).  I hope to get back to the more authentic voice.  Writing is a way that I feel connected to myself....if that makes any sense.  I have changed the course of this blog many times, because I have a variety of things to say.  It started out with a therapeutic way to survive the loss of Gabriel, and then I wanted it to be a journal for Lucy (I tried handwritten journals like I did back in the day, but technology kept calling my name!) and now, I feel a calling to just, write.  Whether it be about toddler activities, my climb up the professional ladder,  education as a whole, or my handicapped dog, I just want to write, plain and simple. 

I hope you enjoy following along. 


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