Friday, April 5, 2013

I miss writing

Sometimes, its hard to write because I don't even know if anyone reads this.  However, do I really need an audience? 

This started out as a miscarriage blog, and it was so therapeutic.  I actually did my best writing in a long time. 

Then, I thought I would shift gears and turn it into a Mommy blog.  But there is so much more to me than that....(even though its the best part of me...)

Now, I just want to write.  Is there an audience out there for writing about....anything?

I do a lot of TV watching.  It is so depressing.  I used to be a writer.  I used to be a reader.  Now I am a reality TV show junkie.  I also am starting to live on my I-Phone.  As a mom, this isn't the type of parent I want to be.  As a human being, it is for sure not who I want to be.

So, I hope there is an audience out there for me.  I am even getting ideas for a small book/story I want to write.  I used to do that stuff all the time.  Maybe I will write some stuff here.  Why not?  It is my blog after all.  If no one reads it, then no one reads it.

Will you read my blog? 


  1. i read your blog! :) my daughter died just before gabriel did (aug 11,09) and i have been following you pretty much since the beginning. would love to hear more random ramblings from you! how ya been?

  2. I read your blog. I think I started following you after Grace died..I get it though, I have dozens of posts written out that I didn't publish, after writing I said "what's the point" and figured nobody was reading (even though my pageviews do tell me differently..) and leave them in "drafts".

  3. Write away! Our lives include loss, but we aren't defined by it. It isn't who we are or all that we are. The evolution of our lives should include the evolution of our blogs. And blm's who find this need to know that loss of a child isn't loss of our lives. We slowly go on to do things, have more babies, move, change jobs, get frustrated, get happy...and that's important for everyone to see. Years from now someone could read your blog and know that hope and life and happiness will come with time. <3